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Rainbow Flag Controversy

Daniella's Ramblings

Those of you who follow LGBT issues and politics with an eagle eye will most certainly be aware of the controversy caused when Philadelphia Pride added brown and black stripes to the iconic ‘rainbow flag’ at this year’s Pride March. The rest of you may not have known about this. Consider yourself enlightened.

I was interested to see that almost immediately two camps emerged. Those in favour of the addition of the stripes and then those who were opposed to the stripes being added. The whole debate was quite wide ranging and touched on issues of class, race, culture, history and indeed that dreaded word ‘identity’. It seems that everyone has an opinion regarding this.

I saw many posts on Facebook and other social media platforms and more than a few news sites picked up on this. I am not here to give you a detailed analysis of the coverage…

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Personal Change And Social Change: Can We Have Both? Pt3

“How do we change ourselves? How do we change the world around us? What are we to do to make a real difference for ourselves and others? This world seems to be in turmoil, perhaps you are too…

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South Africa supports discrimination against the LGBTI community

Daniella's Ramblings

As I am sure you are mostly all aware I live in South Africa. A country (in)famous for a tortured history, a country where arbitrary discrimination was not only acceptable but part of the legal framework. Race, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexuality were all regulated and grounds for institutionalised and legalised discrimination and abuse. The state regulated our lives, told us who we could have sexual intercourse with and who we could not. Who could use which public facilities and even who could purchase certain products (alcohol was heavily regulated and certain racial groups could only purchase certain types of alcohol). Forget about riding at the back of a bus, black people could not ride on the same bus as a white person. The races couldn’t even use the same doorways at public buildings.

Once this ridiculous system was overthrown, we got a new constitutional democracy based on human rights…

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